FAQ’s About Solar Energy

If you are an informed consumer, it’ll be a lot simpler to converse and understand all your saving money options with solar. However, if you’re still getting to know more about this system, this article is for you. Keep on reading as we discuss with you the most frequently asked questions when it comes to solar energy.

Can I use a DIY solar panel installation?

Yes, solar panel installation can be installed even by amateur people—the DIY style. However, we would still recommend all of you to just leave this task to the skilled, knowledgeable, and qualified solar panel installer or heed the reputable suggestions from a certified electrician and know more about solar panels. With their help, you’ll know the best location for your solar panels, which proper permits to process and apply to, and make sure that anyone won’t be hurt.

Can installing solar panels harm my roof?

Solar panels will secure your roofing from being damaged and may even cause your house to be cooler. If you’re still unsure, you can try checking out all your options about solar mounting that you can select from. Every method intends to do as little harm to your roof as much as possible.

When should I change my solar panels?

Great solar providers now provide solar panels with the warranties of the manufacturer that usually last between 20 to 30 yrs. Because solar panels don’t have any moving parts and are easy to keep up, they are expected to continually generate energy for your property long enough to get a substantial return on investment. If you resort to newer models, expect that you can use it even over 50 years.

Are solar panels high maintenance?

Compared to your property’s appliances, HVAC, or even your cellphone, solar panels are quite more straightforward to maintain since solar panels don’t have any moving parts to break.

You can simply maximize the life of your solar panel and maintain it always by making sure that they are free of debris, such as leaves, pollen, and dust. Whatever that’s blocking your panels will cause it to produce less efficient production of energy.

Moreover, you should have your tree branches trimmed since they could obstruct your solar panels. Also, don’t forget to dust-off thick snow.

Will I be able to see the difference in my electricity bills right after I switch to solar energy?

As soon as your solar energy is properly installed, you can expect your solar panels to begin producing usable energy for your property. Based on when you get your electricity bill, you could begin to notice that your bills will be lower during the 1st month.

How much can you save on your monthly electricity bills?

This will be depending on several factors including your utility company’s electricity charge rate, where you live, how much electricity your business or home utilizes, and more. A lot of solar providers’ target is to compensate at least 70 to 90 percent of your electricity bill every month. Hence, that is a good place to begin your estimation.

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